Hanover Cooperative Community Fund

The Hanover Cooperative Community Fund (HCCF) was established by the Co-op’s Board of Directors in 2001. The HCCF helps fund co-op development nationally and non-profits locally with help from our friends at the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation.

HCCF community project grants will be available to local 501[c]3 organizations whose work is aligned with the Co-op’s charitable giving goals: supporting food assistance and access; community building, including support for agriculture; enhancing cooperative principles and activities; or promoting sustainable environmental practices.

The HCCF supports two projects:

1) The Gerstenberger Scholarship Fund

The Gerstenberger Scholarship Fund (GSF) offers scholarships to members and employees of cooperatives in the Upper Valley who seek to further the cooperative movement through education, training, and/or business development. The Fund is named in honor of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society’s long-serving General Managers, Harry and Arthur Gerstenberger, and first Education Director, Sally Gerstenberger.

Apply HERE for the Gerstenberger Scholarship Fund

2) Community Project Grant

The Gerstenbergers were also staunch advocates of sustainable, organic farming and gardening. This theme is echoed by the HCCF’s second project: providing targeted, small-scale grants ($500 - $2,500) to Upper Valley non-profits.

Apply HERE for the Community Project Grant

In 2017, the HCCF awarded the following grants:

  • Hartford Coalition’s Take-A-Bite-Out-of-Hunger project ($1,800) to increase daily servings of protein and fresh produce by delivering these foods weekly
  • D’Acres and Canaan Elementary School ($1,500) for experiential education that cultivates student relationships with plants, animals, and the great outdoors
  • COVER Ramps & Roof Campaign ($1,500) to help fund materials costs for one of COVER'S popular remodeling projects: access ramps or new roofs
  • Upper Valley Wood Bank in Woodstock, VT ($1,500) to supply and deliver split, dry firewood on an emergency basis and supply fresh fruit and vegetables to local Vermont food banks
  • Green Mountain Children's Center’s "Healthy Eating Supports Healthy Learning” ($1,200) to help serve healthy snacks to 350 children
  • Upper Valley Haven’s Caruso Café Food Safety Project ($1,000) to help provide ongoing and reliable access to nourishing food for anyone on the Haven campus
  • NH Community Loan Fund and NH - Resident Owned Communities ($2,500 awarded each year, 2017 and 2018) for co-op training to connect manufactured housing co-ops to other cooperatives in the area and to the cooperative movement. These two organizations are the first recipients of the Gerstenberger Scholarship for Co-op Education

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Want to learn more about the HCCF? AprilHarkness [at] coopfoodstore.com (EMAIL US HERE. We'd love to hear from you.)

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