Weekly Specials

We publish a weekly sampling of our specials, posted below. You can also pick up in our stores or receive by email. Opt in at http://coopfoodstore.coop/enews. This sample represents examples of savings found around our stores.  You will also find all specials in our stores tagged with a sign at the shelf.

What Happened to DealZeal?

The Co-op Food Stores regrets to inform you that the team at DealZeal is no longer supporting their shopping application. We are as disappointed to learn this as you. We received tremendous service from DealZeal staff and their developers.  It is our hope to be able offer a program like DealZeal in the future.

We also appreciate your usage of this product. DealZeal was a good example of the added benefits we strive to find for our members. Unfortunately, the company was unable to turn a profit, so they’ve “closed the doors” on this product.

Due to the complexity of the software that was the engine behind the DealZeal application, the Co-op is not in a position to replicate this service at this time.